Bell Island Lighthouse

The lighthouse stands 290-feet above sea level and has come to the rescue of many fishermen over the years. The area is excellent for viewing many species of birds and wildlife as well as whales and icebergs when in season. NewfoundlandLabrador – Bell Island Lighthouse

In 1966, land was acquired from the estate of William Jackman for an access road to the lighthouse. That same year, the original lighthouse was replaced by a combined lighthouse and fog alarm building in the form of a one-storey, flat-roofed, rectangular structure with a square tower rising from one of its corners. A single dwelling was added to the site, and when the station was reduced to a one-person operation in 1980, the old duplex was removed. – Bell Island Lighthouse

Keeper’s Cafe
The Keeper’s Cafe just newly opened on July 23, 2014 provides the most spectacular view in the province. The deck is 18’X80′ and which ever way you turn, you are sure to be impressed. Also enjoy the best fish chowder in the country while munching back on home made soups, sandwiches, desserts and your favourite beverage. There is still more, but come and see for yourself.