The Bell Island Seaman’s Memorial

The Bell Island Seaman’s Memorial is a monument to remember the sailors who died in sinkings of several ore boats during World War II.

The Seamen’s Memorial – At Lance Cove at the southern end of the island, it commemorates those killed in the U-boat attacks of World War II.

Bell Island is one of the few locations in North America that was directly attacked by enemy forces during the war. It was raided by U-boats twice in 1942, sinking four iron ore carriers and killing more than 60 men in the process. Heritage Newfoundland & Labrador

The Seaman’s Memorial in Lance Cove was created in 1994 by Branch 18 of the Royal Canadian Legion, to commemorate the sinkings and the 65 sailors who died so close to Bell Island. Digital Museums Canada – – Objects and Folklore of Remembrance