Scuba Diving at Bell Island- Explore the Historic Shipwrecks

With its exciting history, Bell Island is the land of wonders and excitement for scuba diving enthusiasts. Through the tales of shipwrecks and the immensely beautiful location, this place attracts nature lovers from all around the world. Bell Island is one of the top scuba diving locations in North America.

There is a reason why scuba divers must have a diving experience at this spot; it’s amazing history! The geological makeup of Bell Island makes it unique from the other provinces here. One notable sea stake here is a rock formation called “the Bell” that gave this island its name.

You might be wondering why exactly Bell Island stands apart as a scuba diving spot? The answer is that it is an unmistakable feature on the horizon of Conception Bay where the crystal clear waters bring the wonders of the sea close to you. There is much more about scuba diving at Bell Island that you are about to explore!


Bell Island is in southeastern Newfoundland, Canada. The island is located on the cliff of the cathedral more than a hundred feet high. The mesa-like sandstones of Bell Island are dotted with sea caves and are flanked by huge sea pillars. You can enjoy an amazing 20-minutes ship ride across the ocean and encounter wildlife or icebergs in season. Whether you choose to explore the historic mine or stroll across the beaches, Bell Island offers several opportunities for your mini-adventures.

A place of tales

The island is well-known for the tales of shipwrecks and mines. The mines at bell island were once the economic hub providing high-end iron ore for building ships for the great wars. Knowing the significance, the Germans decided to raid the island two times with its U-boats. During these attacks, the German submarines sunk the two ships and destroyed the ore-loading wharf on the island. Another part of the mine was closed due to the falling market value of the ore.

In 2007 a group of cave divers explored submerged mines over an area of 16 square kilometers with 100 km of mine tunnels. They discovered that these mine passages are now flooded and contain artifacts and the cultural history of mining.

Today, the scuba diving experience at Bell Island offers you an eye-opening exploration of decades-old shipwrecks. The ancient world war 2 shipwrecks lay just offshore. You will find intact artifacts and testaments to Canadians’ strict protection efforts.

An unparalleled Scuba Diving Experience

The Bell Island might not be the first thing that comes into mind for diving, but you might get excited after knowing what lies beneath the surface. The Island is a popular scuba diving spot in North America. Due to the tales from World War 2, many divers visit this place to explore the shipwrecks from the times of war.

Witness the amazement of the time capsules that feature some beautiful and colorful soft corals. Find many of the original artifacts that are still found throughout the wrecks.

The Sunken Ore Wrecks

Did you know that the wrecks at Lance cove are well-known throughout the world? That’s right! The wrecks at Lance Cove of Bell Island are known for their visibility, abundance of marine life, condition of wrecks, and accessibility as well. These shorelines have created much havoc for many mariners. These shipwrecks stand as monuments to the amazing history of WWII. The overgrowing marine life in these wrecks has made it an unparalleled diving experience.

Emerge into the wartime history as you swim through the cargo holds, iron ore, cabins, and sinks. These artifacts will take you to ancient times. Several shipwrecks will tell you a different story of wonders that are yet to be discovered.

The geographic richness of Bell Island and Conception Bay have created some protection for the wreck sites offering some top underwater shipwreck sites in the world. Also, due to the cold Atlantic, deterioration is minimized to a great extent.

Sea Caves of Bell Island

While you are at Bell Island, explore the amazing past geological formations and saltwater beaches located along the cliffs.

The unique rock formations and naturally formed arches make this an ideal spot for paddling and snorkeling into the remarkable sea caves of Bell Island.

Treasures of Ocean

Bell Island holds some of the clearest waters in the North Atlantic. These waters are full of marine life riches that are easily explored because of their visibility.

Amazingly, Bell Island’s visibility averages 50-100 feet. As you begin with your diving experience, expect to see about 10,000 shipwrecks spanning the whole ocean floor.

Underwater Wildlife

Encountering the amazing underwater wildlife is one of the experiences every diver must enjoy. A scuba diving adventure at Bell Island brings you an opportunity to meet and greet hundreds of start fishes in different sizes and colors.

Furthermore, as you discover the reefs you will find the sea life of small fishes, crabs, and mussels as well. Also, expect to see whales and huge icebergs on your way during the season.

Your search for an extraordinary dive ends at the amazing Bell island. The Bell Island of Newfoundland has amazing features suitable for scuba diving experiences. The historic shipwrecks make it historically rich and the crystal clear waters make your exploration easily accessible and highly visible. – Speaking Sidemount Podcast – E007 – Garry Dallas Part 2: Bell Island & SF2 Sidemount Rebreather